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At Coach Hire Belgium, we believe in crafting extraordinary travel experiences that go beyond merely reaching your endpoint. Our extensive range of destinations within Belgium offers you the opportunity to explore the captivating diversity and rich culture of this enchanting country, all from the comfort of our premier touring coaches.

Whether you’re seeking a leisurely day trip to historic cities, an adventurous journey through scenic landscapes, or a group excursion to vibrant urban areas, we have the perfect travel destination for you. Our expertly curated routes will guide you through iconic landmarks, hidden gems, and everything in between.

Our dedicated and experienced drivers ensure a safe and comfortable journey, while our state-of-the-art coaches are equipped with amenities designed to enhance your travel experience. Whether it’s a private event, a corporate outing, a school excursion, or a group retreat, Coach Hire Belgium strives to meet all your travel needs.

Explore our extensive list of destinations and discover the possibilities that await you. We invite you to experience the unique charm of Belgium as we take care of every detail, providing you with a seamless and unforgettable travel experience. Your adventure begins here.

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The capital of Belgium with the administrative center of the European Union and had a beautiful historic center


A city with a rich history and culture. It is known for its fashion industry and diamond trade


The capital and largest city of the East Flanders province, and the third largest in the country


The former industrial backbone of Wallonia. It still considered the economic and cultural centre of the region


This city is referred to as the Venice of the north, and most known for its UNESCO historical centre


The Extensive forests and rolling hills form a beautiful landscape for outdoor activities as hiking and cycling.


The university town that is considered as one of Europe’s most highly regarded places of learning


This was the centre of the Battle of Ypres during the First World War between German and Allied forces

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